The Best Exercises to Build Core Strength

Dr. Melchiore Buscemi

September 1, 2022

Core Strength

Several exercises will work out your entire core without straining your neck or back if you want to build core strength. You can start with the classic crunch or a variation of this exercise, such as the Reverse crunch. This variation is safer and more effective because the weight of your legs won’t hurt your neck. The reverse crunch involves raising your legs with your knees bent 90 degrees. Then, use your abs to lift your hips. Hold that position, and slowly lower your body to its starting position.


A plank is a great exercise to build core strength. It is an excellent core exercise that improves your posture while strengthening your back. When performed correctly, a plank strengthens foundational muscles and prevents injuries. Unlike crunches, which target a larger muscle group but have less impact on the core, planks work the entire body.

Beginners should start by performing the basic plank on their knees. Intermediates and advanced users can raise their knees to achieve a more advanced version of the move. Once they are in the position, they should lift one leg towards the sky and pulse the leg up and back. They should do 12-15 pulses on each leg. Next, they should kick out the other leg.

The plank can be performed in various ways, each of which has different benefits for different body areas. For example, planks can be performed on other days of the week, an added advantage. You can also substitute one plank variation with another for added challenge. Another variation involves pulling the belly button in. This helps flex the transverse abdominis, one of the major core muscle groups.

Reverse crunch

The reverse crunch is an excellent exercise for building core strength. It reverses the motion of traditional crunches and emphasizes slow, controlled motion to maximize tension on the abdominal muscles. It also works the deeper abdominal muscles and can be performed anywhere, including at home. This exercise is also an excellent alternative if you suffer from neck pain or discomfort during traditional crunches.

A reverse crunch is performed by raising your hips and knees toward the ceiling while keeping your calves parallel to the floor. You can perform eight to twelve reps of this exercise per set. The main challenge is to complete each rep slowly and controllably. A medicine ball can be used to help maintain the proper form and to increase the muscle-building effect of the exercise.

The traditional crunch is performed by lifting the tailbone and shoulder blades off the floor. In the reverse crunch, you do not raise the shoulders or the hips high. Instead, you lower yourself to the floor and straighten your back. It would help if you continued to do this exercise until your tailbone is in contact with the floor. Then, lift your feet off the floor. Depending on your fitness level, you can increase the number of reps in your set.

Gym ball push-away

Push-away exercises with a gym ball can help you build core strength. When performing these exercises, keep your core engaged at all times. Your spine should remain straight from your shoulders to your glutes. You can modify the activities to your knees or toes to challenge your abs.

This exercise targets the abs and oblique muscles. Begin by lying on the ball and extending your legs. Ensure that your legs are fully extended and your knees are not touching the floor. Hold this position for 15 seconds. You can also make this exercise more challenging by reaching for the ceiling with your upper arm.

Another core exercise to improve your strength is the dead bug. This exercise works your core like it was designed to. By maintaining a straight spine, quiet bug exercises target the obliques, which help stabilize your spine.

Dead bug

Dead bug exercises help build core strength and stability. They can be done with minimal equipment. It is helpful to use an exercise mat. To perform the exercise correctly, lie on your back and bend your knees 90 degrees. Reach your left arm above your head, bend your right knee, and extend your right leg outward. Repeat this motion with the other leg.

You must hold your breath when performing this exercise, which can sometimes be challenging. During this strenuous exercise, you must focus on the deep abdominal muscles while simultaneously activating the core muscles on the contralateral side. In addition, deep breathing will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles and activate the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor muscles.

A variation of the dead bug exercise is to lie on your back, with arms and legs extended. You must use your entire body to do the practice, including your back, shoulders, and hips. This exercise should be done slowly and correctly, so you do not strain yourself. Once you’re done, try the other side.